The air inside your home or office is more hazardous than the outside air. Dirty HVAC systems can spread indoor air pollutants, and this can make you sick.

Most homeowners have no idea what goes on inside their air ducts. But the fact is, they can become littered with years of accumulated dirt, debris and allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander.

Industry standards recommend that you have your air ducts inspected every 2 years for cleanliness, and have them cleaned, on average, every 5-7 years. Of course, this will vary with the conditions of your home.  By having your air ducts cleaned regularly, you’ll help improve the indoor air quality in your home, and enhance the efficiency of your heating/cooling system. We recommend a thorough air system decontamination to rid your surroundings of contaminated air.

Lint is a highly combustible material, and, when it's combined with reduced airflow, fire is a distinct possibility.

To reduce this risk, call us to remove any build-up or blockage. In addition to the safety issue, clean vents allow your dryer to work more efficiently, which will extend its life and help reduce your energy bills.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that every year, clothes dryers are associated with over 15,000 fires, which result in 8 deaths and over 200 injuries yearly!

Because your dryer exhaust duct is not usually visible when doing your regular laundry chores, many people don't think to call for dryer exhaust cleaning. It's only when your dryer stop drying your clothes or after your appliance repair technician advises you that the duct could be blocked that cleaning is considered.

Lint buildup can cause overheating and prevent fast drying, causing your electric bills to skyrocket if you have to dry that load of laundry twice! If your towels or jeans are not dried by the time one cycle is over, or if the clothes are hotter than normal and damp, then it's time to have the dryer exhaust cleaned.


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