August 21, 2022

Can Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Tough Pet Stains?

Pets bring so much joy and love to our homes and lives. But unfortunately, they also bring lots of dirt, messes and stains. While you have to spot-treat some areas, after a while you may notice that some stains are not going away and may even detect a whiff of pet odor. Over-the-counter sprays may help at first and appear to take care of the problem, but old stains and odors can pop up as it can be difficult to truly remove them on your own – even with your at-home steam carpet cleaner.

How Are Professional Services Different Than Home Models?

When pet stains sink into your soft surfaces, they can penetrate deeply into fibers and leave behind smells. Scrubbing with a brush or using your home model can remove some of the stain and odor, but it can be hard to really get down deep where old odors may lie. Our professional carpet cleaning services here at Master Clean are different for not only the solution that we use, but also the extraction process. We put into action a special heated solution that will really get down into the fibers of any of your soft surfaces where stains, odors, grime and dirt like to hide and get stuck. 

Even before we begin our cleaning process, we will really inspect areas that need special attention and understand how we should approach those stains before we come out during your scheduled cleaning appointment. When we launch the cleaning process, we will inject our heated solution into the areas of your home that need to be cleaned and let the cleaner go to work. When we extract the solution, it not only will lift out the stains but also the cleaner, so not any is left behind. Our extraction process is very high-powered. We also will groom your carpets, so that they will not become matted and will dry faster to prevent your pets from walking and affecting the final results. We will make sure to replace your furniture and put protective coasters under the legs to help prevent damage to your pieces.

How Does Expertise Play a Role in the Cleaning Process?

You will find that our cleaning specialists really have a “nose” for taking care of pet stains and odors and have the know-how to take your home back to a fresh state. We bring together the knowledge, expertise, tools and resources to really clean up your pet stains and get rid of the overall grime that is in your carpets just from daily life.

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Beyond carpet and upholstery cleaning, our crew can help clean the tile and grout in your home or business, disinfect your spaces or help clean up after any water damage. We can perform mold removal if that is growing in your home as well. Connect with us through our online contact form.