Carpet Cleaners Portage

Carpet Cleaners Portage

Carpet Cleaners Portage Help Your Carpet Look Fresh

Most people think of cleaning their carpets as a luxury — an event set aside for the arrival of esteemed company or long-lost friends. However, regular carpet cleaning has plenty of benefits for your living space, and it does not need to be a once-in-a-decade experience! Without regular cleaning, your carpets may experience a whole range of gross symptoms, and may actually cost you more for their eventual replacement. At MasterClean, we offer affordable, efficient and thorough cleaning, treating your home with the utmost care and leaving your carpet good-as-new. Call today, or look for us online by searching “carpet cleaners Portage” and clicking on our website.

Who is MasterClean?

To give a short answer, we’re the premier carpet and grout cleaning company in Northwest Indiana. Our carpet and grout cleaning has left many satisfied customers since our company formed in 1984, with many more to come. Since then, we have expanded our business to cover other areas of the industry as well. Today, we also complete water damage repair and mold removal — both of which are great services during the rainy months.

We leverage our years of experience every time we step into a new house, being careful to respect the property and the time of our clients while giving them the best carpet cleaning service they could have wanted. The MasterClean way is a combination of old-school customer service — helping us establish a working relationship with many clients that span the years — and modern technology. We use high-tech cleaning processes to achieve a faster, better cleaning for your carpet or grout, blowing you away when you see the finished product. Just search “carpet cleaners Portage” and read what some of our past clients have to say about us!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpets have always been our specialty, and we’ve developed a foolproof process over our many years of work. It all starts with a consultation and an estimate. During this step, we will meet with our customer, getting an idea of the job they would like us to complete. Different carpets require very different care, and seeing the future job — in person — lets us accurately estimate the costs for our cleaning services.

During this step, we also schedule the time for the cleaning. Many clients like to leave their house to avoid the noise and bustle of the cleaning operation. Others prefer to stay for security purposes. And though that has never been a problem with our services, we understand our customers’ concerns, and we’re happy to accommodate with our scheduling.

When the day comes for the cleaning, we arrive at the specified time and spray your carpet with our trademark cleaning formula. The formula helps loosen the dirt and grime from your carpet without causing any harm in the process. Once the formula has settled, we complete our cleaning, leaving your furniture on protective discs to avoid any damage or moisture from the cleaning.

We are excellent at finishing our services within the scheduled period, and by that time we’ll be gone!

Contact Us

To get in contact with our carpet specialists, search for us at “carpet cleaning Portage.” Then give us a call or leave us a message on our website, telling us what you think we can help you with. One of our friendly associates will direct you from there, and we can have your carpet cleaned in no time!

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