Carpet Cleaning Portage

Carpet Cleaning Portage

Carpet Cleaning in Portage Freshens Up Your Place

The MasterClean team has decades of cleaning upholstery and carpets in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area. These well-worn surfaces are affected by our daily lives – especially if you have pets or children. Our trained technicians work with a process that is effective to loosen and extract dirt and grime. We also stay current with the latest in technology and equipment to ensure that we clean your place as much as possible. Our services are tailored to your needs as a renter, homeowner or business owner. 

How Our Carpet Cleaning Portage Process is Done

Cleaning carpets and furniture starts with an effective solution. We inject our cleaning solution, which is heated, into the fibers of your carpet or upholstery to loosen stains or dirt. We use a fiber rinse and our extraction method is high-powered to take out both the grime and any remnants of our solution. Our comprehensive cleaning process is put into place to bring a whole new level of freshness and cleanness to your home or business. 

After you contact our team, we will review the current status of your soft surfaces to identify areas that may need extra special attention. We will quote you a price before we begin working and you will not be hit with hidden fees. Our schedule is flexible to fit your schedule the best. It can be a lot to have someone enter your home for a job, so we make it work around your time. After cleaning, we take the team to groom your carpets and put all of your furniture back in the right places with protective coasters under each and every leg.

Carpet Cleaning and So Much More in Portage

Hard and porous surfaces, such as tile and grout, are equally susceptible to ground-in grime. Our crew of technicians can help get your grout and tile back to sparkling and shiny. We have landed on a specially formulated tile and grout cleaner that provides excellent results. We do not utilize scratching or etching methods or acid-based cleaners. Before we roll out the door, we inspect everything to guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

Our disinfecting service is especially essential for our commercial clients who are striving to provide a safe and clean working environment. We use a powerful product that is water-based and bleach-free and safe for pets or children. We target our cleaning to the areas that you wanted disinfected and utilize a special technology that is tailored to easily apply the product. Electrostatic spraying charges the disinfectant as it flows through the nozzle and this allows it to reach those hard-to-reach spots. Also, we spray to cover entire areas and not just in patches.

It’s Time for Your Professional Carpet Cleaning in Portage

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