Cedar Lake Water Damage Services

Cedar Lake Water Damage Services

Cedar Lake Water Damage Services

Have you noticed the signs of water damage in your home? Water damage is incredibly destructive and can lead to costly repairs if left ignored. Since it needs to be treated the moment you notice it, call our professionals at MasterClean to take care of the job properly. Our team has decades of experience behind us. We’ll come in and remove the water damage quickly and thoroughly. 

Signs and Causes of Water damage

Water damage has many causes. Typically, it’s noticed after a heavy rainstorm or if you recently had flooding in your home. Whenever there’s a leak, whether from the outside or from a broken pipe, the water makes its way into your home’s foundation. You shouldn’t ignore something so destructive to your house, so be on the lookout for water damage, especially if the weather’s been wetter than usual. 

You may have water damage in your home if you notice these signs:

  • Mold Growth. For the most part, small amounts of mold growth aren’t to be concerned about. But if you notice more mold than usual, or if it seems to be in an unusual area, it could signify water damage. Excess moisture in your walls and floors promotes mold growth. If you’ve noticed mold growth in your home, there’s a good chance that you have a leak or another issue with water. 
  • Stains and Peeling. Check around your home for unusual stains or peeling paint. When water gets into your ceiling or walls, it can cause the paint or wallpaper to warp. 
  • Damp Smell. Can’t see anything wrong? Try using your nose. Many times, water damage has a distinct, musty smell that sticks around no matter how many times you clean your home. 
  • Sounds of Running Water. If you have a leak in your home, it might be possible to hear water dripping or running even when you don’t have the faucet on. Listen carefully for any unusual noises, especially if you’ve noticed any other signs.

Call our team immediately if you suspect your home has water damage. You need to treat the issue quickly before it permanently damages your home. We’ll arrive and take care of the issue right away!

How Our Cedar Lake Water Damage Services Work

Water damage can be tricky to clean up, which is why you should always call a professional cleaning team to treat the damage. We have special tools and equipment to efficiently dry the area and ensure there’s no moisture left remaining. Every cleanup project begins with a consultation. We’ll come to your home and survey the damage, then give you a free estimate of how much the project will cost. If you agree, we’ll get to work! If the damage is severe, we will work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the necessary coverage. 

Contact the MasterClean Team Today

Water damage should always be treated as an emergency. Prevent your home from further damage by calling the professional cleaning team at MasterClean! We provide the best Cedar Lake water damage services that fit your budget. Contact us today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your free estimate. 

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