Crown Point Disinfecting Services

Crown Point Disinfecting Services

Crown Point Disinfecting Services Help You Stay Healthy

At MasterClean, our team is working hard to keep you healthy and your place as germ-free as possible. We have been helping our neighbors in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region with clean-ups big and small since we first opened our doors in 1984. Our highly trained technicians stay on top of the latest technology and remain knowledgeable on the best techniques. We work with products that are safe for pets and children as well as your employees. The powerful solutions work to kill germs while keeping everyone around your place safe and healthy. 

Crown Point Disinfecting Services for Your Home or Business

Being exposed to germs is a top concern in today’s environment. We know that you want to keep your family and workers as healthy as possible. Our disinfecting services will take care of concerns after illness or as a way to boost your place’s cleanliness. Our commercial clients especially appreciate that we can handle everything and that we concentrate on any and all high-traffic areas that are frequently visited and surfaces that are frequently touched. 

You will find that the solution we use is powerful but will not harm surfaces, people or pets. The process of applying it involves electrostatic spraying. It allows for a wide range of coverage and is a dependable way to use the solution. The application process will allow for cover of entire surfaces and offers three times more coverage than the use of over-the-counter sprays and wipes. Our solution is bleach-free and water-based as well. We will only spray the areas that you want and the solution does not leave behind a residue or stains behind.

Crown Point Disinfecting Services and More

If your soft surfaces are looking grungy, it may be time for a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our trained team can work on bringing your rugs and couches back to their former glory. We begin with an initial inspection to determine what needs to be done and where. We will go voer the cost of cleaning before we begin the work, so that you are aware of the cost up-front. We have flexible times and days to fit your schedule. We understand that you have a business to run or a life to live and it can be inconvenient to have projects going on around you.

Our cleaning process utilizes a special solution that is heated, will loosen dirt, grime and stains, and will be swept back up through our fiber rinse and high-powered extraction process. We will strive to not leave behind any cleaning agent on your soft surfaces.

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Our additional services include mold removal, tile and grout cleaning and helping with water damage. Our team is available to connect with you through our online contact form

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