Grout Cleaning Services Near Lowell

Grout Cleaning Services Near Lowell

Grout Cleaning Services Near Lowell

If you have noticed discoloration or strange spots covering your tile and grout, it’s time to reach out to the team at MasterClean. We have grout cleaning services near Lowell that make your tile and grout look brand new. You probably know from experience that grout can be hard to clean. Most of the cleaning supplies in your home cannot adequately clean grout. That’s why when it comes to making your grout look spotless, choose the professional cleaning services at MasterClean!

Let Our Professionals Clean Your Grout

Tile looks great in any bathroom or kitchen. With countless varieties available, you can customize your home and create the aesthetic you desire. However, there is a downside: tile is susceptible to major mold and grime buildup since they tend to be located in damp places. As unfortunate as this may be, a bit of grime is nothing a professional grout cleaning team can’t handle! Skip the scrubbing and let our professionals spruce up your tile with ease. 

Just like the rest of our services, our grout cleaning services are fast and affordable. You can book a cleaning at your convenience so we can arrive and assess the project. Before we begin any work, we will name an estimated price, so you know right away how much the job will cost. Once you agree to a price, sit back as we remove all traces of dirt from your grout!

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Tile and Grout

Now that you know about MasterClean, you may be wondering if your tile is in need of a good cleaning. There are several signs that indicate your tile and grout could use some TLC. Some signs include:

  • Discolored grout. Any signs of discoloration indicate that there is some sort of buildup. If the tile is in your shower, it could be from hair and body products like soap. Darker discoloration may indicate mold, which needs to be cleaned immediately as it is a health risk. This is especially true if your grout is permanently darkened, indicating that the grime is too caked in for you to remove yourself.
  • Grout wasn’t sealed upon installation. Sadly, if you had someone else install your grout, there is a chance they forgot to seal it. Without a protective seal, your grout is exposed to all sorts of damaging elements, from water to dirt. Over time, these build up and can create problems beneath your tile. 
  • Dull tile. Unless you’ve opted for a matte variety, tile should be shiny when clean. If you have noticed your tile looking dull and dreary, it may be covered by a film of dirt or other kinds of buildup. This can be fixed with a good polishing. 

Not all signs are visual. You might notice a damp or musty smell emanating from your tile. If so, call MasterClean right away. After our team is finished, your tile will look and smell perfectly clean! 

Call Us for Grout Cleaning Services Near Lowell 

Make MasterClean your trusted cleaning service provider. We have been in the cleaning industry for over three decades and provide the best grout cleaning services near Lowell. Our team is ready to handle any mess you have in your business or home: contact us to schedule an estimate today!

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