Lowell Carpet Cleaning

Lowell Carpet Cleaning

Don’t Let Your Carpet Stay Stained, Get Help With Our Lowell Carpet Cleaning Company Today

Over time, everyone’s carpets get dirty. Between spilled drinks and muddy shoes, stains begin to appear, and crumbs get matted down beneath your feet. If you were to shake out your carpet — no matter how clean it looks from above — you might be surprised by what comes out. This is even more apparent for those of us who sometimes forget to vacuum or steam clean their carpets — after all, you aren’t up close and personal with your carpet nearly as much as, say, your stovetop or counters. However, cleaning your carpet is still important: a dirty carpet may begin to smell or grow mold, even if it looks clean enough from the bird’s eye view. To prevent (or fix) this, contact our Lowell carpet cleaning service today!

Our Service

At Master Clean, our carpet cleaning services are second to none! To begin, give us a call and schedule an initial walk-through inspection. During this time, you will walk through your house, showing the team what you would like cleaned, and letting them establish a better idea of the job you had in mind. The team will take notes on any specific areas that may present a problem while cleaning. After that, we can either start cleaning right away — assuming the time works for both our customers and us — or schedule another time for the cleaning.

During the Lowell carpet cleaning session, our professional cleaners spray the carpet with our heated formula. The formula is entirely harmless to the carpet and is used to loosen matted and entrenched dirt. That way, when they complete the fiber rinse and begin extracting the dirt, grime, and stains, your carpet will come out looking better than ever. If any furniture needs to be moved or cleaned during the process, we will do so with the greatest care, even placing coasters under each leg of your furniture to protect the legs and the freshly-cleaned carpet. We treat our customers to the best cleaning in the business, and it shows!

Why Us?

There are plenty of businesses around the Northwest Indiana area that offer carpet cleaning, so why choose our Lowell carpet cleaning company? Well, we put a ton of emphasis on our customer satisfaction. After all, we hope to develop a long and friendly relationship with all our customers, and the best means for us to accomplish this is through these three ways:

  1. Honesty – we are always 100% transparent about our prices. When we clean your carpet, you know what you will be paying at the end. There are no hidden fees, extra costs or random charges. We know that excellent business is built on honesty, and we give plenty of notice about any complications that might arise.
  2. Flexibility – Many of our customers are apprehensive about opening their doors to strangers while they are away. We understand this entirely, and we’re happy to schedule our carpet cleaning so that you are home while we do our work. That way, you can let us know if there is anything else you would like done before we leave.
  3. Prices – No one else can match our prices for the service you will receive during your Lowell carpet cleaning. It’s that simple.

Get Cleaned Today!

If you think it is time for an affordable and thorough carpet cleaning, reach out today! You can reach our Lowell carpet cleaning experts by calling our office, or you can message us on our website. Let us know when we can come through to look at your carpets, and when the best time for a thorough cleaning will be. We look forward to making your carpets brand new!

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