Lowell Water Damage Services

Lowell Water Damage Services

Lowell Water Damage Services

Water damage is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Water damage can result from sources like leaks in plumbing, a faulty roof, or flooding from the heavy rain we see here in Northwest Indiana. The sooner you take action to dry things out after a flood, the more likely you are to be able to spare some damage to your home. Our Lowell water damage specialists at MasterClean will work with you to dry the area as quickly as possible, so we can begin to take steps to treat the damage and root out any potential mold growth.

Steps to Take After a Flood

If a water damage event has occurred in your home, it’s important to know the first steps you should take in order to mitigate lasting problems.  Start by finding the source of the leak. If it results from plumbing, you may be able to use the main shutoff valve to stop water from pouring into your house. For larger leaks, you may also need to shut your electricity off either at the breaker or by calling your utility company. 

Once you’ve taken steps to get the situation under control, you can move on to drying out the home. A professional has the equipment necessary to do this more efficiently than you can at home. At MasterClean, we can also work directly with your insurance company for billing and communication about repairs. 

Importance of Taking Action

A leak or flood in your home is more than just a little water. Left untreated, water can deal lasting damage to the structure of your home, and can lead to hazards like mold growth and pest infestations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold in buildings can cause symptoms like wheezing or stuffy nose in those who are sensitive to it. Not everyone does react to mold, but the risk is higher for those who are allergic or have asthma. 

If the source of the water coming into your home is unclean, then there may be additional complications involved. Flooding that has been caused by backups in the sewer system is a serious health concern, and should be taken seriously. In this circumstance, it will be especially important to work with an experienced professional throughout the cleanup process. 

Contact MasterClean for Emergency Water Damage Cleanup

If a water damage incident has occurred at your home or business, don’t wait. At MasterClean, we work quickly to help deal with the aftermath of leaks and floods. The sooner our professionals can begin drying out the area, the more likely it is that our team will be able to prevent permanent damage. 

After the area has been dried out, we can continue to work with you by inspecting for hidden mold growth and removing it. Our specialists have the experience to spot mold even where it isn’t obvious, removing it safely from your home. Contact us today to get started with our thorough water damage services in Lowell. 

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