Schererville Carpet Cleaning Services

Schererville Carpet Cleaning Services

Schererville Carpet Cleaning Services Freshen up Your Home

No matter what, dirt happens. Life with kids and pets can really take a toll on your home’s soft surfaces, including your carpet and upholstery. Even if you are vacuuming on a regular basis, your carpets could benefit from a burst of freshness with our carpet cleaning services. Our team at Master Clean has been helping homeowners and business owners in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana communities since 1984. Our trained technicians can review the state of your carpet and upholstery and work with you directly on what needs to be done. We can put together an estimate for your home.

Schererville Carpet Cleaning Services Begins With Inspection

A comprehensive cleaning can really take your home to a whole new level of freshness! Our crew can begin the process by coming out to your home or business and seeing what areas need special and specific detailed work. Our inspection will pinpoint these problem areas as well as take into account your actual space. After we have created your estimate, we will make an appointment to return to clean your carpets and upholstery when it is convenient for you. Our cleaning process includes a heated solution that will be injected directly into your fibers to help loosen up any dirt and grime. We will utilize a fiber rinse and extraction that is high-powered and will remove the dirt as well as the cleaning agent.

After your carpets are cleaned, we will take the time to really walk around and make sure that we have taken care of all of your soft surfaces. We will also groom your carpets to help prevent matting and to help your carpets dry faster. Your furniture will be returned to its places with protective coasters placed under each leg as well.

Schererville Carpet Cleaning Services and More

Our cleaning specialists can also help spruce up your hard surfaces. Our tile and grout cleaning breaks up ground-in gunk while still protecting your grout and tile. Our solution is ideal for ceramic tile and does not contain acid, which can scratch the surfaces. We also do not use any other invasive cleaning techniques. We can assess your hard surfaces before we make an appointment to clean them. We also can help if you have experienced any water damage at your home due to a burst pipe, leaky toilet or faucet or flooding after a sudden storm. Part of the concern after water damage is the growth of mold. We will quickly work to dry the area, determine what has been damaged and if there needs to be any mold removal techniques applied. Damage is not always visible right away.

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