Tile Cleaning Service in Portage

Tile Cleaning Service in Portage

Tile Cleaning Service in Portage Will Leave Your Floors Clear and Clean

Your bathroom tile is an oft-overlooked part of the house. Many homeowners assume that areas of the bathroom — especially showers and sinks — “clean themselves.” However, this cannot be further from the truth. In reality, bathrooms are the ideal spot for mold growth, as they create a warm and moist environment. This, paired with the sediments and minerals found in your bathroom water, can create an unpleasant discoloration on your tile and grout (not to mention the health hazards related to mold). And even with periodic cleaning, both tile and grout break down over the years, requiring professional services. At MasterClean, our cleaning experts are happy to assist with all your tile cleaning, leaving you with a bathroom as clear and clean as the day you moved in. Reach out to us today if you would like to learn more about our tile cleaning services in Portage!

Our Excellent Cleaning Services

Dirty grout and tile can have a significant impact on the look and feel of a room. Whether you or a guest are using your bathroom, you want the place to be comfortable and elegant. Dirty grout and tile can disrupt the flow of the room, drawing your attention. Luckily for you, our professional cleaning services can remove discolorations and mold, transforming your bathroom back into a safe haven for you and your guests.

When completing a tile cleaning service in Portage, we include all of the following steps to ensure the job proceeds perfectly:

  • Initial assessment: during this step, we look over your tile and grout, noting the specifics of the job (size, type of material we’ll be cleaning, etc.) Please note that we are happy to offer a quote on the phone before we come over. However, we still like to make sure we look over the job before we get started on it.
  • Cleaning: We’ve completed a tremendous number of jobs over our many years of experience. Throughout that time, MasterClean has developed some specific cleaning methods and formulas which we have found widely effective and non-damaging. During this step, we apply our specially-designed tile and grout cleaner. This water-based formula removes discoloration and mold without harming or scratching your tile and grout.
  • Finally, we assess our job. To start, we will thoroughly inspect both your tile and grout, making sure we’ve cleaned up any discoloration. We encourage you to participate in this step, making sure that we have met all your expectations.

With these three steps, we’ve seen many satisfied customers come and go, amazed by the newfound beauty within their bathrooms. Reach out to our tile cleaning service in Portage to see the transformation for yourself.

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You can reach us through two simple methods. You can give us a call, finding our number listed on our website. We’ll happily offer you a free quote on your job before scheduling an initial visit. You can also correspond with us online, filling out our form with your name and contact info so we can chat when convenient. Of course, you can always come into our office as well, learning more about our tile cleaning service in Portage form the experts! Whichever way you choose, we’re excited to talk with you!

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