Tile Cleaning Services Portage

Tile Cleaning Services Portage

Tile Cleaning Services Freshen Up Your Portage Place

Since 1984, the MasterClean team has been assisting commercial and residential clients with their home cleaning needs. Keeping your business or home fresh, clean and disinfected is even more important today than before. Our team puts into place the best and most up-to-date cleaning technology and techniques to leave your place at its best. We offer a variety of services, including carpet cleaning, mold removal, tile and grout cleaning and assessing and helping with water damage. Our team deep cleans our equipment between appointments and uses precautionary measures while we are with you.

Tile Cleaning Services Keep Your Portage Business Safe

Tile is fashionable and easy to clean on a weekly basis, but it can begin to wear down over the years. Grout in between your tiles can absorb odors or soil. If your floors are looking less than stellar, it is time to call us for a thorough cleaning. We will begin with an assessment to really see what is going on with your flooring or bathroom walls. 

We do this before we start working, so you will know what to expect. We use specially-formulated cleaners that are ideal for this type of material. It will work on loosening up soils, stains and debris and bringing it to the surface. We do not utilize invasive cleaning techniques as these can leave behind scratches or etching. Once we wrap up the process, we will take a moment to really review your tile and grout to make sure that we have not missed any areas.

Tile Cleaning and More Services in Portage

Our MasterClean crew can also assist with your carpet cleaning needs at your home or business. Carpet and fabrics can really absorb unseen grime and odors. Kids and pets unfortunately add to this problem. We can come in and clean your carpet and upholstery to get it back to being as fresh as possible. When we clean fabric surfaces, we use a special solution that is heated up and injected into the fibers. Our fiber rinse and high-powered extraction work to get out as much dirt as possible as well as the cleaning agent.

You will receive a quote on our services up front before we begin the cleaning process. Our team will work with you on scheduling your appointment and be as flexible as we can. We know you are busy and living your life. If you are a business owner, we want to clean up your place without interrupting daily operations any more than we need to.

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