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Master Clean has spent the last three decades sharpening their craft and becoming the most dependable Valparaiso carpet cleaner throughout Northwest Indiana. And while we made our name cleaning carpets, we offer many other cleaning services as well. If you need help cleaning stains, mold or dirt from any area of your house, we are happy to help! Call us and schedule a time when we can come through and see what we’re up against.

A Little About Us

Since 1984, Master Clean has been providing the region with premium cleaning services at a discount price. While our technology and staff have changed over our 30+ years of service, our philosophy has not. Since the beginning, Master Clean has vowed to provide excellent, affordable cleaning and the best customer service in the business.

We refuse to gouge our customers when it comes to emergencies or severe damage to their house –after all, we plan on building a long-term relationship with everyone we do business with. The best way to ensure regular customers is to treat them well, and we’ve stuck by that over the years; we always give you your final price — in writing — before we begin. Our Valparaiso carpet cleaners always put the needs of the customer first, and our flexibility of schedule shows this. Many of us don’t feel comfortable having cleaners in the house while they are away, and we’re happy to schedule a time that works best for you.

We cover many areas of cleaning. These include:

Mold Removal:

If left untreated, mold can cause serious long-term respiratory issues for those living in your house. At Master Clean, our team is trained in proper mold removal so that they can ensure your safety and completely rid you of mold.

Water Damage:

Sitting water can rot and destroy everything in its path, if not detected fast enough. Our team can help you reduce the damage caused by sitting water, especially if you can catch it soon enough. We will work with your insurance company throughout.

Tile and Grout Cleaning:

Tile and grout get stained with years of use and sediment buildup. We’re happy to help you brush up both, returning them to their natural sheen.


And of course, we clean your carpets! Our Valparaiso carpet cleaners have devised an excellent process to make your carpets look like they were just rolled out from the store. We can handle the most stubborn stains and smells in your house or apartment; call us to find out more!

Get in Touch!

Give us a call or visit our website to begin your cleaning process today. Whether you need help with mold removal, carpet cleaning, water damage or even a nice scrub down of your grout and shower tiles, the Valparaiso carpet cleaners of Master Clean are the folks for you. Give us a call or message us on our website today!

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