Water Damage Services Lowell

Water Damage Services Lowell

Water Damage Services Lowell Can Take Care of Big or Small Damages

Surprisingly, water is one of the most destructive forces your home can encounter. With an oversight as minor as a small home in your roof, water can leak in and damage your home in ways you could never imagine. Rot resulting from water exposure, for instance, can demolish your home’s internal infrastructure; worse still, this situation can arise from the smallest leak as readily as it would after a significant flood event. However, the risks don’t end there! With water — and any moisture — comes mold. And with mold comes a whole host of other issues, including pesky allergies, a nasty odor and stains, which refuse to scrub away. When you notice water damage starting to appear, there’s no reason to hesitate! Get in touch with the experts at MasterClean right away, and they’ll take care of all your worries. Just search for them at “water damage services Lowell” and then give them a call!

Sources of Water Damage

Water damage can arrive through a variety of different sources. Though the water often trickles in from outdoors, issues with pipes and plumbing are also common. While we’ve seen homes damaged from many different sources, here are a couple of common causes:

  • Busted pipes – whether your pipe freezes and breaks during an exceptionally cold winter, or rust has worn a hole in your old piping, a constant drip can quickly turn to rot.
  • Plumbing – toilets overflow, and when they do, the water can eat through wooden floors and ceilings if it isn’t cleaned up correctly (and even when you think it has been).
  • Floods: the rainy seasons often result in standing water throughout your home’s lower levels. Even if you get this cleaned up as quickly as possible, the damage may be done.
  • Leaks: when your roof is damaged — even if it’s a small hole — gravity is likely to carry water down to your exposed interior, often rotting through the exposed wood and enlarging the leak as a result.

Any of these sources — and many more which you can find on our website — can cause water damage, and getting in touch with repair specialists should always be your first order of business! Find us by searching “water damage services Lowell”.

Who Are We?

MasterClean has established itself as the region’s premier cleaning company. However, we understand that cleaning one’s home goes much deeper than merely scrubbing out the carpets from time to time. As a result, we offer all-inclusive services, eradicating the mold in your basement to scouring your bathroom’s grout. Water damage, though serious in its own right, is just one more thing we can clean up around your home, leaving your rooms good-as-new by the time we finish. If any of these services can help your home look and smell better, we’re the company for you! Reach out today!

Contact MasterClean

To reach out cleaning experts, give us a call at our Northwest Indiana office any time during regular office hours. You can also fill out our website’s contact form, and we’ll be in touch directly. To find us, search “water damage services Lowell”, and click on MasterClean’s website!

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