Water Damage Services Near Me

Water Damage Services Near Me

Water Damage Services Near Me

When you face a leak, flooding, or other emergency, don’t hesitate to call a professional team to handle the mess. MasterClean is an experienced cleaning company that specializes in water damage removal. Our experience spans over 35 years and encompasses a broad range of projects including carpet cleaning, mold removal, tile cleaning and more. If you’ve been searching for “dependable water damage services near me,” choose our team to complete the job quickly. 

Signs of Water Damage in Your Home or Business

There are a few telltale signs that water is threatening to damage your property. However, it’s not always easy to tell if you have a leak, since some signs are harder to notice than others. MasterClean has handled countless water cleanup projects since our beginnings, and we’re very familiar with the signs of water damage. A few indications you have a problem on your hands include: 

  • Dark, discolored spots
  • Chipped or peeling paint
  • Sagging areas on ceiling
  • Damp smell
  • Hear water dripping
  • Increased utility bills

There are many reasons you may be facing these issues, especially after rainy weather. It’s common to experience leaks after heavy rainfall or snow, which can contribute to water buildup around the home. We treat water damage caused by: 

  • Floodwater
  • Broken pipes
  • Cracked sprinklers
  • Sewage backup
  • Foundation leakage
  • And more. 

The Best Water Damage Services Near Me

When you discover signs of water damage on your property, you need to take care of the problem immediately. Water poses significant risks to your building’s foundation, as well as furniture and other priceless belongings. You’re also more likely to develop mold growth on your ceiling and walls, which is both unsightly and unhealthy, especially for family members who have respiratory sensitivities. A professional cleaning team like ours can come in and get rid of the excess moisture before it poses such risks. 

Our team will begin by examining the damage, and determining whether insurance coverage will be necessary. Then, we’ll ensure everything is dry, including the carpet and upholstery, before getting to work on cleaning up any spots and dirt left behind. We use special cleaning tools that quickly dry the area, which is one of the most important steps to ensuring damage is minimal. We’ll double check to make sure nothing was overlooked since even surfaces that look fine may have extensive damage beneath. Then, we’ll work with your insurance company to determine necessary coverage. Overall, you can expect incredible results from our highly experienced cleaning team. 

Call Us for Water Damage Cleanup

MasterClean is here to help when your property is facing water damage. Water in your home or commercial property can result in expensive repairs in little time, so don’t hesitate to contact our capable team. Give us a call to schedule an appointment, and we’ll arrive at your home to quickly get rid of the mess. When you’re searching for “the best water damage services near me,” you don’t need to look anywhere else for the high quality services you need. 

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