Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Does your business’s carpet need some TLC?

If you’ve neglected the carpeting in your commercial space, they likely need a good cleaning. Your business’s heavy foot traffic leads to built-up dirt, stains and spots that look unappealing to any visitor. Solve the problem with MasterClean. We are a leading carpet cleaning business dedicated to serving residential and commercial clients alike. We provide outstanding cleaning services designed to eliminate the mess in no time at all. If the carpeting in your office, restaurant or store needs a good cleaning, your best bet is to call our professionals.

When Businesses Need Carpet Cleaning, Our Team is Here to Help

Maintaining a clean, comfortable space for your customers is an essential part of any successful business. After all, customers feel invited when your business is spotless, boosting your credibility. Yet running a business takes up lots of your time and energy. You and your staff likely have trouble finding the time to clean it yourselves. That’s why professional carpet cleaning is your best option.

MasterClean has delivered professional carpet cleaning for over 35 years. We’ve handled messes both big and small, so you can be confident in our team’s capability. Our solutions are affordable, efficient and dependable, and we work around your company’s schedule. It’s a convenient way to instantly brighten up your business.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Works

Professional carpet cleaning is much more in-depth than what you could complete on your own. You get excellent service at a reasonable price, and we use the latest cleaning technology to get your carpets looking amazing again. Here’s what to expect:

  • Initial Consultation. Before we begin any carpet cleaning, we speak to our customers over the phone. Sometimes we are able to make estimates over the phone, but most cases require a site visit. Next, we schedule a consultation in which we come to the site to take measurements and address needs. We do a thorough examination of your carpet and make note of any spots that will need extra attention, such as deep-set stains or water damage. We will then calculate an estimate based on our findings. If you accept the estimated price, we’ll get to work.
  • Planning and Execution. Once we have an idea of the work ahead of us, we create a cleaning strategy to ensure all problems are taken care of. We use different equipment depending on the extent of the mess and may recommend a deep carpet cleaning if necessary.
  • Application of Cleaning Agent. We begin by applying a cleaning agent to your carpet. This works to break up dirt that’s deep in the carpet’s fibers, making them easier to remove. We then use our special cleaning tools to remove the substances.

Call MasterClean for Outstanding Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Make your business fresher through professional carpet cleaning. When you spruce up your office’s carpet, your clients will feel comfortable in such a clean, inviting space. MasterClean is proud to work with local businesses to handle their carpet cleaning needs. You’ll be impressed by our customer service and the timeliness in which we complete the cleaning. For additional information or to schedule your estimate, call us today.

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