Keeping your business clean means a healthy team of employees and happy customers

Not only are you improving your image by maintaining a tidy, clean storefront, you are also protecting your valued customers. At MasterClean, we have disinfecting services that destroy communicable diseases from all surfaces. We provide affordable solutions to quickly sanitize your business, so your clients feel safe. Our Disinfecting Service incorporates scientifically-based technology to eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria.

Protect Your Visitors By Disinfecting Your Business

Keeping your clients healthy and safe is a matter of destroying dangerous diseases on surfaces. When you choose our disinfecting services, our team comes in and professionally cleans all areas that are high traffic. From door handles to the floor, we disinfect places that may pose a threat to your clients’ wellbeing. For instance, a few high-risk areas include anything that’s touched frequently and by many people, such as door handles or register counters.

There are many benefits to professional disinfecting. It’s convenient for you, since you don’t have to allocate employees or resources towards cleaning. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective method to efficiently cleaning your entire business in a little amount of time. Our team works together to handle everything for you. You’ll be pleased by how quickly we get the job done.

What to Expect

We use powerful disinfectants that kill germs without harming any surfaces. Our products are EPA regulated and therefore safe for the environment. Specifically, the process involves electrostatic spraying, which is a special technology designed to easily apply sprays and sanitizers. They offer wide coverage to complete the job thoroughly yet quickly. Electrostatic spraying has been used for over 60 years, with a dependable efficacy and ease of use.

Essentially, the cleaning technology charges disinfectants as they pass through the nozzle. This way, the cleaning solution can reach even hard-to-reach places. As we spray the cleaning solution, it spreads across a surface, ensuring that the entire surface is covered with disinfectant rather than just in patches. That way, you receive dependable results and the reassurance that your business has been adequately sanitized.

  • Effective, widespread coverage that covers entire surfaces
  • Powerful disinfectant that kills COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria
  • Touch free method for cleaning, no contact with surface necessary
  • Easily controlled—only sanitize the surfaces you ask us to take care of
  • Covers 3 times as much surface area as traditional sprays and wipes
  • Bleach-free, water-based solution
  • Safe cleaning solution that doesn’t harm pets or children

Moreover, electrostatic spraying can be used anywhere that needs sanitation. It’s highly convenient and produces excellent results without causing stains or residue. It’s safe to be used around electronics and doesn’t harm anyone, including children or animals.

Call MasterClean to Disinfect Your Business

Disinfecting your store, restaurant or other commercial space is key to protecting your clients and employees. MasterClean offers professional disinfecting for commercial clients. Give us a call to schedule a quote. We’ll provide specific information on your project. We look forward to working with you.

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