October 25, 2022

Reasons You Should Clean Your Area Rugs Regularly

If you have an area rug, you know that it can be an important, functional part of your home’s look. However, area rugs can see a lot of wear and tear from normal use, and will often accumulate dirt and allergens over time. Regular cleaning from professionals such as MasterClean is recommended to keep your home safe and clean and to keep your rugs looking good as new. 

Dirty Carpets Can be Harmful to Your Health

According to the American Lung Association, pollutants and allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, dirt and dust can get trapped in carpets and present a potential health hazard in your home. Normal activities such as vacuuming or walking on the carpet can cause those particles to become airborne, and children are likely to be exposed by playing on the floor and putting their hands in their mouths. Having your rugs deep cleaned annually can help prevent the buildup of these pollutants and keep your home clean. 

Stains Happen, but Cleaning Them Sooner Helps

Depending on the location of your area rug, they may be especially prone to stains from spills, muddy shoes or pets. These stains happen, but the sooner you clean them, the more likely they are to come out of the carpet. 

Regular Cleaning Helps Prolong the Life of the Rug

According to The New York Times, rugs should be vacuumed about once a week, depending on your lifestyle. You may also wish to rotate rugs occasionally to prevent worn spots from furniture or uneven use. You can tell if your rug is ready for a deep clean if it looks dull or by running a damp rag across it after vacuuming. 

Cleaning at Home

The steps to cleaning a rug at home will vary by the type of rug. Large or high-quality rugs can be damaged by at-home cleanings. For instance, at-home washing can cause colors to bleed somewhat on wool rugs, and you may wish to have them looked after by a professional instead. In general, you should look to see if the manufacturer has provided cleaning instructions for your area rug before beginning. 

It’s important to make sure that your rug is dried properly after cleaning, to reduce the chances that mildew or mold develops. Additionally, putting a wet rug onto some flooring may ruin it. 

Air drying large rugs can take as long as a couple of days to be completely dry. You should make sure to flip the rug over occasionally to make sure both sides have a chance to dry out. To hasten the process, try setting fans out around the rug itself. 

Get Your Rug Professionally Cleaned

Getting your area rugs professionally cleaned helps take the guesswork out of the chore, and can help prevent damage to any of your carpets. MasterClean has provided outstanding carpet cleaning and other services since 1984. To speak to a specialist and learn more about a cleaning in your home, contact us today.