Carpet Restoration

Carpet Restoration

Keeping your home or business clean is key to its safety and atmosphere.

If you have carpeting, it’s important to clean it regularly. In some cases, general cleaning isn’t enough, and you may need to restore the carpet. MasterClean is dedicated to keeping your residential or commercial property healthy and clean. Our carpet restoration services are designed to get your flooring looking fresh again. Here’s what you need to know about carpet restoration and the benefits it provides.

What is Carpet Restoration?

General carpet cleaning is a simple process and is highly effective for everyday messes. Most people clean their carpets regularly, whether it’s in an office or at home. Regular vacuuming and cleaning contribute to the carpet’s lifeline and maintains its appearance. Naturally, neglecting a carpet for years will take a toll on its quality.

While a thorough cleaning may be all it takes, there are instances that require deeper intervention. Carpet restoration is different from general cleaning. Restoring a carpet is a complex, multistep process that essentially removes deep stains and fixes the damage. Professional carpet cleaning is an excellent solution for anyone in need of deep cleaning. You may need carpet restoration if your carpet has experienced the following:

  • Old, Heavy Stains. Anytime your carpet is covered in old stains, or ones caused by grease or food, it requires more in-depth cleaning to successfully lift the stains.
  • Water Damage. We’re experienced in water damage cleanup. Many times, it’s possible to dry the carpet and remove any mold when handled in a timely manner. However, if it’s been years since a flooding incident or a leak began, the damage may be extensive and require restoration.
  • Numerous Stains. Most people have a few spots on their carpeting. We can spot-treat these individual stains without a problem. If the stains cover a large surface area, we’ll recommend carpet restoration instead.

While there are instances in which restoring a carpet to its original quality isn’t possible, you can expect excellent results from our team.

MasterClean Delivers the Results You Need

MasterClean is dedicated to providing outstanding results. We know how stressful it can be to clean a carpet and why you may have put off the task for too long. Whether your cleaning is residential or commercial, we’ll tackle the project confidently. We’re a business with over 35 years of professional cleaning experience. We’ve handled messes both big and small, and we have no doubt that we can help you. Having a professional team restore your carpets offers a host of benefits you don’t want to miss out on:

  • Saves time
  • Handled by certified professionals
  • Protect property from bacteria and mold
  • Restored using professional cleaning technology

Call MasterClean Today to Restore Your Carpet

Carpet restoration is an excellent solution for carpets that have extensive stains. MasterClean handles the issue promptly and professionally, so call us right away for the outstanding services you deserve.

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