Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout

Get Your Tile and Grout Looking Good as New with Professional Cleaning Services from MasterClean

If you’re a homeowner in Indiana who has tile or grout within your home, you probably already know that at some point, you’ll need to invest in professional cleaning services. While tile and grout can look great and be a fantastic addition to a home, both can become soiled and worn down over the years, diminishing the aesthetic value of your abode.

While cleaning tile and grout yourself on a routine basis can help to reduce the buildup of dirt and grime, a professional cleaning is the only thing that will really allow your tile and grout to look good as new. At MasterClean, we have been cleaning grout and tile for homeowners throughout Indiana for nearly three and a half decades and guarantee our work. Call us today to learn more about our professional cleaning services.

We Get Your Tile and Grout Looking Good as New

When your tile and grout are dirty, they can be distracting enough to change the look of the entire room. We use the best practices and techniques to get your tile and grout sparkling so that they look as good as they did when they were originally placed. Our process involves:

  • An assessment of your tile and grout.

While we can provide a quote on the phone for free, we always perform an in-person assessment of an area before we start any work on it. This allows us to see exactly what we’re working with and address any problem areas.

  • Application of specially-formulated cleaner.

In order to get your tile and grout looking great, we use our specially-formulated tile and grout cleaner, which is ideal for ceramic tile. The formula works by loosening soil, stains, and debris and then lifting it to the surface where it can then be removed. We have found that it is more effective than other cleaners of its kind. Our water-based grout cleaner is safe to use on grout and provides results that wow homeowners without us ever having to resort to more invasive cleaning techniques like scratching or etching grout or applying acid-based cleaners.

  • Post-clean inspection.

Once we’ve cleaned your tile and grout, we also do a thorough post-clean inspection to ensure that everything looks great and that we haven’t missed any areas. We guarantee our customers’ satisfaction!

Schedule an Appointment with Our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners Today

When you work with our professional tile and grout cleaners, you can count on transparency, fair and honest pricing, and results that impress. We have been serving homeowners like you for 34 years and have the experience and trust of the community you’re looking for. If your tile and grout are in need of a pick-me-up, reach us today for results that won’t disappoint!

You can schedule your appointment with MasterClean by calling us at 219-662-7838 or by emailing us at service@mastercleanselect.com. Scheduling an appointment online is also an option.

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