Carpet Cleaning in Lowell

Carpet Cleaning in Lowell

If you have carpet that runs through high traffic areas, such as hallways, you can expect it to get dirty over time. Maintaining your carpet’s beauty is easy with the help of MasterClean, your number one local cleaning company. We provide professional carpet cleaning in Lowell for homeowners and commercial needs. Call us for a quote today. 

The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Lowell

Most people vacuum their carpets regularly. Sweeping up crumbs and dust helps to keep your carpet looking and feeling fresh. But vacuuming doesn’t remove contaminants that are deep inside the carpet’s fibers. Over time, as more and more dirt builds up, your carpets become dingy and unattractive. Fortunately, MasterClean can help. 

We are experts at cleaning carpets to retain their cleanliness and quality. A deep carpet cleaning lifts dirt and microbes from the deep fibers, ridding your home of unwanted smells. Our team uses special cleaning technology to carefully remove built-up dirt in a short amount of time. Here’s how our carpet cleaning process works:

  • Pre-Inspection. Before we get started on any cleaning, our team arrives at your home to know exactly what our expectations are. We analyze the issue and create a cleaning strategy. This step is also an opportunity to discuss pricing, so we’ll provide an estimated price of the job.
  • Preparation. If you agree with the estimate we provide, our team gets to work. We begin by moving furniture out of the way and sweeping up any dry particles. We take great care to ensure your furniture remains safe and dry throughout the process.
  • Spot Treatment. If we notice any particularly troublesome spots, we treat them with a pre-cleaning solution to help lift particles that are trapped in the fibers.
  • Wash and Rinse. We use a special carpet cleaning solution to gently but effectively lift and wash away dirt. We focus on high traffic areas that contain the most particles. 
  • Dry. Once the cleaning is complete, we set up powerful fans to quickly dry the area. The drying process is extremely important since the faster it’s done, the smaller the possibility of mold growth from the damp carpet. This is one of the biggest reasons to choose professional carpet cleaning, since we get it done quickly. 

Before we leave, we inspect your carpet to confirm we didn’t overlook anything. If everything looks great, the process is complete!

Why Choose MasterClean?

Cleaning your carpets professionally is more than just convenient. We aim to provide a satisfactory experience from start to finish. Our team is friendly and always prepared to tackle a carpet cleaning project. We have over 35 years of experience, meaning you can expect an outstanding job done. Each of our technicians specializes in a specific area of cleaning, and whether that’s cleaning carpets or water damage control, we can guarantee that you will be happy with the results!

Contact MasterClean Today

Cleaning your carpets is easy when you call MasterClean, a professional cleaning business that offers services for homeowners and small business owners alike. Our team is proud to offer the best carpet cleaning in Lowell that exceeds your expectations. If you would like a free estimate of your carpet cleaning needs, just call us today and we’ll be there. 

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