Carpet Cleaning Services Merrillville

Carpet Cleaning Services Merrillville

If You Have Carpet in Your Home or Place of Business, Getting it Professionally Cleaned is a Must.

As a home or business owner with carpet within your house or place of work, you know all too well the advantages and drawbacks of carpet: it looks great, provides a cushiony surface on which to walk, yet gets dirty quick. Especially if you have pets or kids and your carpet takes a lot of wear and tear, ranging from being trampled on by work boots to being spilled on by juice and sticky things, your carpet is probably putting up with a lot.

At Master Clean, we know that vacuuming can only get you so far; at some point, a professional carpet cleaning will be a must. When it is, we strongly recommend that you choose our Master Clean professional carpet cleaning services. Serving those in Merrillville and surrounding areas for more than 33 years, we have the experience and reputation you can count on.

Why Our Carpet Cleaning Services Are Superior

We believe that our carpet cleaning services are superior to those offered by the other guys for a number of reasons. First, we guarantee that your carpets are going to look great when we’re finished with them; we do more than just clean carpets, we rejuvenate them. We do this by using a special heated solution, which is injected into carpet fibers and then extracted using a high-power vacuum. In addition to cleaning, we also groom your carpet. This helps to reduce matting and allows it to dry faster after cleaning.

We also do a pre-cleaning and post-cleaning inspection. The pre-cleaning is to address any problem areas, whereas the post-cleaning is to ensure that we did the best job possible. Our deep clean process leaves carpets looking absolutely fantastic!

It’s About More than Just Clean Carpets

Choosing a carpet cleaning company in Merrillville is about more than just clean carpets; it’s about working with a company with a good reputation, that charges fairly, and that will do the job well. Essentially, you should work with a company that’s easy to work with and that makes you feel good about your decision to choose it. When you work with Master Clean, we promise:

  • To always be honest about our pricing. We will offer you a free quote on the phone, and let you know your total costs before we start cleaning. We don’t ever want to surprise you when it comes to billing.
  • To be flexible. We know that as a home or business owner, you’re busy, and scheduling a carpeting cleaning may be a difficult thing to do. We work with your schedule to find a time to clean your carpets that is stress-free.
  • To be professional. The last thing that you want is to bring a carpet cleaning company into your home that isn’t professional and courteous. Our technicians always put the customer first and we aim for 100 percent satisfaction.

Call Our Merrillville Carpet Cleaning Company Today

If your carpets are in need of a deep clean, look no further than our Merrillville carpet cleaning company. We offer a great service at an affordable price and have the reputation in Merrillville that you can feel good about. Reach us today at 219-662-7838 or by sending us a message directly.

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