Disinfecting Services Near Me

Disinfecting Services Near Me

Disinfecting Services Near Me Prompt a Healthy Place

From mold removal to water damage cleanup and carpet cleaning to tile and grout cleaning, our crew of expert technicians at MasterClean can tackle a variety of tough jobs. We are proud to serve our communities in Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area since 1984. We continue to focus on the latest in technology and processes to ensure that our commercial and residential customers have the cleanest and freshest spaces. We can help with small to large jobs in homes, businesses or apartments. Our services are backed by a solid base of experience and know-how.

Disinfecting Services Near Me For a Healthy Space

Disinfection of high-traffic areas in your business can keep your employees and clients healthy and your spaces as clean as possible. Our team focuses on science-based technology that helps eliminate viruses and bacteria. Frequently touched areas are addressed by our crew. This may include door handles or register counters. Our EPA-regulated products are easily applied and offer wide coverage that truly spreads across surfaces. The electrostatic method charges disinfectants to help the solution reach nooks and crannies to offer dependable results.

With effective and widespread coverage, you can rely on our powerful solution to kill viruses and bacteria. We put into place a touch-free method that is easily controlled, so we are only focusing on the areas that you requested. Our solution is bleach-free and water-based, is safe for pets or children and does not stain or leave behind residue.

Disinfecting Services and More Near Me

Even though you vacuum consistently, there can still be ground-in grime and stains that are marring your soft surfaces. Let our team reboot your carpet and upholstery with a thorough cleaning. Kids and pets can be especially tough on your place. We will discuss what areas you want targeted, measure the spots and take note of especially stained areas that may need more attention. We will provide an estimate of costs before we even begin our work. When it comes to carpets, our heated solution is inserted into fibers to help loosen up stains and dirt. We next use a fiber rinse and high-powered extraction process to remove the grime and cleaning agent.

When we are finished with the process, we also groom your carpet to help reduce matting and do a walk-through to assure satisfaction. Your furniture will be put back into place with protective coasters placed underneath any legs. Our services are backed by honesty and a guarantee that our customers will be 100 percent satisfied. Our flexible scheduling provides more options for you.

Disinfecting Services Near Me By the Experts

With expertise in the industry and years of experience, we bring a base of professionalism to every cleaning. Our team is available for a consultation on what you need done. Reach out to us through our online contact form

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