Mold Removal Services Wheeler

Mold Removal Services Wheeler

Mold Removal Services Need Expert in Wheeler

At MasterClean, our team has been helping clean up messes of all sizes since 1984 – whether it is a carpet cleaning or water-damaged basement. We have worked to stay on top of all of the most up-to-date technology and equipment to remain the masters of our industry. Among our services are also disinfecting, mold removal and tile and grout cleaning. We work with both homeowners and business owners throughout our Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana communities. We clean not only commercial and residential carpets, but also carpets in apartment buildings.

Mold Removal Services in Wheeler Keep Your Family Safe

Mold can become an issue in areas where there is an accumulation of water or humidity, including bathrooms on walls, tile or grout. Mold can cause issues for some individuals, such as wheezing, coughing, throat or skin irritation, especially if they have allergies. It is particularly important to have your home checked out for mold if you have had water damage. Our expert team knows how to find and remove mold with our professional equipment and techniques.

Our mold removal services are vital if you have young children or elderly residents living at your home. It can also be a problem for those with health conditions, such as asthma, lung disease or an autoimmune condition. Mold is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, so we will work with you within your timeline and budget. We offer over-the-phone quotes as well.

Mold Removal Services and More in Wheeler

Water damage from an emergency is a more sudden problem that you can contact our team to address. You might have water damage from broken water pipes, excessive rains or flooding, overflowing toilets or a leaky roof. No matter what the cause, our crew can be counted on as we follow strict guidelines and have built our expertise over the years. We will help dry the damaged area first and foremost and then assess the damage both seen and unseen. We work directly with your insurance company to make the process easier for you.

Disinfecting services can help keep your business safe and clean. Our team targets all areas that are considered high-traffic, including door handles and floors. Our powerful disinfectants are regulated from the EPA and will kill germs and viruses, but not damage surfaces at your business. Our touch-free method is water-based and safe around children and pets. The cleaning technology charges our disinfectants as it is sprayed to help it reach tough-to-get-to areas. Our equipment sprays in a fashion that is complete, not in patches. On the flip side, our team can control the spray of disinfectant to ensure it only goes to the areas that you want.

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