Tile Cleaning Services Cedar Lake

Tile Cleaning Services Cedar Lake

Tile Cleaning Services Help Your Place Sparkle in Cedar Lake

At MasterClean, we have been helping business owners and homeowners in communities throughout the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area with all types of jobs. Since 1984, our team of experts and professionals has remained on top of the latest technology, guidelines and procedures to ensure that you are safe and clean in your place. Our services range from larger jobs, such as cleaning up after water damage, to smaller jobs, such as keeping your carpets and tile lean. Our process typically begins with an assessment of any damage and recommendations on how to move forward. For water damage, we are happy to work directly with your insurance company to quickly and efficiently get the job done.

Tile Cleaning Services for Your Cedar Lake Home

As homeowners, we are not always quick to remember to focus on our tile and grout as  much as we do our carpets. But these surfaces face dirt and grime buildup just as much as soft surfaces, even if you clean these surfaces often yourself. You will find that a professional, in-depth cleaning will leave your tile and grout looking fresh and brand new

Our technicians will first come out to look at what needs to be done. While we are always ready to offer a quote over the phone, an in-person review allows us to really see the extent of the work. You will know the cost before we start to work. Our specially-formulated cleaning agent is applied to both your tile and grout. It will help loosen dirt, stains and debris. It is water-based and is less invasive than acid-based products, scratching or etching. After the cleaning, we will make sure that we did not miss a spot and that your tile and grout look their absolute best.

Tile Cleaning Services and So Much More For Your Cedar Lake Place

We are happy to help with your soft surface as well – your carpets and upholstery! Our professional team can get the grime and odors out of your carpets anywhere in your home or business. The first step to our process is to inspect the areas that you want cleaned and take note of any areas that are especially in need of some TLC. Our special solution is heated and injected into the fibers to loosen up stains and dirt. A fiber rinse and high-powered extraction help get the dirty water out of the fibers as well as pull out any cleaning product, so that it is not left behind. 

We groom your carpets afterwards so that it is fluffed up and looks its best before we leave. We also take a moment to inspect our work to ensure that we did not miss anywhere.

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