Mold Removal Service Cedar Lake

Mold Removal Service Cedar Lake

Mold Removal Service Cedar Lake Makes Sure Mold Never Returns

Mold: it’s a word that sends shivers down your spine, that makes you want to take a cold shower. The very idea that mold may have invaded your home, festering in the damp spaces, can make your skin crawl. If you have discovered mold — whether it is in your basement, bathroom or any other room in your house –, professional removal services may be your best option. With the help of the mold specialists at MasterClean, you can have your mold removed in no time, and take measures to prevent it from appearing the next time around. You can learn more about our other services by searching “mold removal service in Cedar Lake” and clicking through our website. Then give us a call: we’re excited to hear from you!

What Causes Mold?

Mold generally forms in areas of higher moisture, thriving in damp conditions. With this in mind, look for mold in places that are damp and warm. Some of the most common locations for mold include:

  • Bathrooms – warmth and dampness combine most regularly in the bathroom, especially for those who take hot showers and baths. Checking your walls and ceiling for mold, and cleaning regularly will help prevent mold from forming in your bathroom.
  • Basements – Cool, dark and damp are all conditions which suit mold perfectly. Further, basements are also areas which do not have much air circulation, meaning mold can go undisturbed for years on end. Combine this with the lack of cleaning that is common to basements, and you have a haven for mold.
  • Attics – Like basements, these areas can be neglected for a long time, and are often used as storage spaces for clothes and other sensitive items which can attract mold. Finally, leaking roofs and poor ventilation lead to undisturbed moisture, which makes mold feel right at home.

Checking these areas of your house — not to mention cleaning them regularly — are activities that many homeowners neglect. Even just opening the windows, running a dehumidifier and cleaning your carpets can drastically reduce your chances of acquiring mold.

The Dangers of Mold

While no one disagrees that mold is pretty gross, many residents are not aware of the potential health impacts mold can have on them and anyone else living in their house. Depending on certain factors, including the type of mold involved, the season, and mold sensitivity — you may have to deal with several uncomfortable symptoms. These can include nasal congestion, irritation to your eyes and lungs (and sometimes even your skin) and incessant coughing/wheezing. These symptoms can become significantly worse for those who have a mold allergy, or who are immunocompromised and may even develop into severe lung infections and/or allergic reactions. Searching “mold removal service Cedar Lake” can help you find the right specialists to help you deal with this mold and ensure your health.

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To learn more about our excellent mold removal services, and to have all your questions answered, get in touch with MasterClean! You can find us today by searching “mold removal service Cedar Lake”. From there, you can leave us a message on our website, or give us a call at our NWI office.

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