Water Damage

Water Damage

Take Action When Water Damage Threatens to Destroy Your Home

Whether from a natural disaster like a flood, burst pipes, a sewage failure, or another water-related incident, if your home has suffered water damage you need to take action immediately. Untreated water damage can wreak havoc on your surfaces – call our professionals at the first sign of moisture and water damage to mitigate the most destruction as possible. 

Types of Water Damage We Treat

There are numerous different things that can lead to serious water damage within the home. These include:

  • Frozen and broken pipes;
  • Leaking roof and ceiling;
  • Overflowing toilets;
  • Foundation leakage;
  • Broken sprinklers;
  • Flood water;
  • Sewage backup; and
  • More.

When water gets into the home, it can do serious damage fast. We treat water damage on:

  • Ceilings;
  • Walls;
  • Floors;
  • Carpet;
  • Upholstery; and
  • Other building and home contents.

The most obvious things to suffer damage are draperies, furniture, and carpeting. However, water can seep into the walls and floorboards, which can be more costly and expensive to remedy.

How We Mitigate Water Damage to Protect Your Home or Business

If your home or business is at risk of suffering serious water damage after a water-related incident, we recommend that you call our professional team at MasterClean immediately. The sooner that you call us, the greater the chances are that we can prevent permanent and irreversible damage to the interior of your home or business. Here’s how our process works:

  • We bring in the best.

You can rest assured that when you call us because of a water damage emergency, we follow strict guidelines and bring in the very best and most experienced members of our team. Our professionals are trained and certified to deal with water damage in an effective and efficient way.

  • We quickly dry the area.

Our main goal when we are confronted with water damage is to dry the area as quickly as possible – this is the primary way in which long-term, irreversible damage is avoided.

  • We assess the damage.

After the area is dried, our professionals assess the damage. We are highly experienced in doing this and know that even if a surface looks okay, there could be underlying damage that isn’t initially visible to the naked eye.

  • We work directly with your insurance company.

More than just drying the area and determining the extent of damage that your home or business has suffered, part of our service includes working directly with your insurance company. We bill your insurance company directly and communicate with the insurance company to get repairs completed as soon as possible. You are only responsible for paying your deductible.

Reach MasterClean Today for Water Damage Services

We have been serving home and business owners in Indiana for 34 years and have the experience you’re looking for. We are always honest about our services and prices, and will never surprise you when it comes to billing. To learn more about our services or to get in contact with us now, call us at 219-662-7838 or send us a message using the appointment request form on our website.

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