Mold Removal Services Near Merrillville

Mold Removal Services Near Merrillville

Mold Removal Services Near Merrillville

Discovering mold in your home is a hassle. Mold poses certain health and structural risks, meaning you need to take care of it immediately. Yet mold can be tricky to remove. You need to remove all traces of mold so it doesn’t regrow, which can be challenging using commercial cleaning supplies. At MasterClean, we take care of it with ease. Our team provides mold removal services near Merrillville to eliminate all instances of mold from your home. You can depend on us for the professional quality of work you expect. 

When In Doubt, Choose Our Mold Removal Services Near Merrillville

Mold can be tricky to spot. While there are some visual signs to note, such as black spots or discoloration on your ceiling and walls, you have to pay close attention to several things. First, mold is typically accompanied by a damp, musty smell. Mold is sometimes attributed to moisture leakage in your house, which can lead to an unpleasant smell. Also, pay attention to you and your family’s health. Mold can cause respiratory symptoms, particularly in sensitive individuals. 

If you suspect mold in your home, it’s worth calling a cleaning company. MasterClean has offered mold removal services for 35 years. We are experienced with mold removal and know how to spot it in your home. We can come over and take a look. If we find any mold, we’ll inform you immediately and devise a cleaning plan. If you agree to the price, we’ll get to work.  

Our Cleaning Team Takes Care of Mold

Mold requires careful handling. MasterClean has handled many mold removal projects in our time. Our team will take care of the entire project for you. We are devoted to providing outstanding cleaning services to make your life easier. We know how taxing it can be to devote hours of your day to cleaning, particularly when dealing with a major project like mod removal. We aim to relieve that burden by managing the cleanup every step of the way. 

Instead of trying to handle the mold on your own, hiring a professional cleaning team ensures the job is done right:

  • Water Damage Cleanup. Mold is usually the consequence of a leak since its growth is sustained by water. Before we begin cleaning, we check and identify any areas where you have water damage, such as from a leaky gutter, a damaged roof or basement flooding. Taking care of the source of the moisture will help prevent mold in the future.
  • Devise a Remediation Plan. Mold removal is a strategic process. We want to not just clean the area but remove all instances of mold to keep it from coming back. We spend the early stages planning and preparing.
  • Cleanup. Cleanup is a multi-step process. We take great care to protect your home throughout the cleanup process while taking care of any items that were damaged by mold. We also make sure the area is completely dry after cleaning to mitigate future mold growth.

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MasterClean is prepared to manage your mold removal project. Call us today for the best mold removal services near Merrillville!

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