November 19, 2022

Top Signs It’s Time for a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Even if you are consistently vacuuming your carpets and upholstery, there is still ground-in dirt, stains, odors and more that need more than just a vacuum cleaner to remove them. Sometimes, there is a need for a professional carpet cleaning process.

Check out these warning signs:

It’s Been Awhile: If you literally cannot remember when the last time a professional service touched your soft surfaces, then you should make an appointment! The freshness you feel after your carpets are treated beyond vacuuming will be unbelievable. Typically, it is advised that you have a professional cleaning completed about once a year if there are not any major stains or constant pet accidents.

Color Changes: Discoloration of your carpet – especially in high-traffic areas – is a sure sign that there is dirt ground into the fibers. If there are crunchy areas, that is also a concern as maybe a child or pet had an accident and it has dried and left behind odors and grime. Our Master Clean crew uses a special solution and extraction process to ensure that this ground-in gunk is gone.

Party Time: Recent large gatherings or parties where guests were trotting around with their shoes on signals a great time to clean your carpets. Unfortunately, shoes track in so much stuff that you do not want on your carpets.

Pet Problems: We love our furry friends so much, but not what they track in or leave behind! Pets paws’ can leave mud, dirt and more on any of your soft surfaces. If your pets are in the process of potty training or just have an accident, it can be a huge and disgusting mess. 

A Blast of Odor: Does your home just not smell fresh when you walk in the door? You may have odors built up in your carpet or upholstery even if there are no visible stains or dirt. Odors can get deep in your carpet fibers and need to be removed for a fresh space.

Let Cleaning Professionals Take Care of Your Carpets

From the start of your process, our team will thoroughly inspect and review your carpet and upholstery to find out what needs extra special attention. Please point out any areas that you are concerned about as well. We use a special formula that is heated up and injected directly into the fibers of your carpet to really loosen up odors and dirt. We extract everything with a high-powered process and also groom your carpet to really fluff it up and leave it looking new. Before we walk out the door, we will take a walk-through to make sure that we did not miss any areas. We will also put your furniture back where it belongs with coasters until the feet to keep deep dents from occurring in your cleaned carpets. If you are ready for a fresh start, connect with our team through our online contact form.