September 18, 2022

How Carpet Restoration Differs from a Routine Cleaning

Your soft surfaces, especially your carpeted areas, really take a beating year after year. If you have children and pets, then you may have even more issues that are deep down in your carpet. Stains, ground-in dirt and debris, tears or damage and spills can all take a toll on your carpet and leave it lacking luster. At MasterClean we can assist you with a routine cleaning and more.

Here are the ways that carpet restoration can go beyond a routine cleaning and get your carpeted rooms back to as new as possible.

  1. Pet problems: While you may have cleaned up pet urine or stains with a cleaner right away, they can leave behind odors and discoloration. Our team will work with our special chemicals to neutralize and remove the issues thoroughly.
  2. Garage grunge: Has grease or dirt been tracked in from your garage onto your carpets? As part of the restoration process, our team will tackle these problem areas as well. We will work to scrub and lift out any of these types of problem areas.
  3. Minor repairs: Your pets have sharp nails and may have caused issues in your carpet. Our expert technicians are capable of repairing minor carpet issues. Let us know where you have tears, scratches or minor damage and we will inspect it and let you know if we can work on it and help repair the area.
  4. Ground-in grime: High-traffic areas can just start to look worn out, dull and flat. Our specialists will work specifically on these areas to thoroughly remove whatever is ground-in as well as groom your carpets to help them look fresh and new and fluffed back up.
  5. Water damage: As we offer water restoration services, we can assist you with any water damage that is on your carpeted areas. Drying the carpet and removing mold after water damage is another way that carpet restoration can truly clean up your home.

Our Team is Ready for Your Carpet Cleaning Project

When your carpets need attention, contact our team to get going! We will begin with a thorough review of the areas that you want cleaned and determine what specific areas need more than just a cleaning. Our team utilizes a special solution that is heated and injected into fibers of your carpet and upholstery. This solution is what will work on your stains, odors, dirt and grime. A fiber rinse and high-power extraction will remove the stains and solution to leave behind fresh fibers. At this point, we will do a post-cleaning inspection and grooming walkthrough. Grooming your carpet helps prevent any matting and speeds up the drying process. We will put your furniture back where it belongs along with protective coasters under each leg of your furniture. 

We can put together an estimate today. Reach out to us through our online contact form.